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About Us

Founded in the vibrant European hub of Amsterdam, High End Stay is a unique platform dedicated to fulfilling your every living -and travel wish. Our unique concept, where pure elegance meets luxurious comfort, has been carefully refined to provide our clients with the very best high-end properties and travel destinations, in a clear, simple and aesthetically beautiful manner. Our ultimate desire is to inspire our guests to live and travel in unparalleled style. We invite you to discover our premium unique stays across a handpicked selection of worldwide destinations. From long term rental properties around Amsterdam, boutique European hideouts, to breathtaking Sri Lankan or Caribbean retreats, the High End Stay collection is sure to entice any traveler’s senses.

At High End Stay we pride ourselves on the diversity of our carefully curated collection. Our portfolio ranges from long term properties in The Netherlands, bohemian style hotels and premium private villas, to boutique design hotels, peaceful countryside retreats and even dreamy private islands. Each destination is tailored to suit your unique preferences, reflected by our exclusive high-end services, including private jet service, yacht charters, boutique spas, romantic wedding destinations, private transfers, and childcare. 

Our philosophy at High End Stay is centered around inspiring our clients. Our tailored service provides you with luxury homes, unique stays in handpicked destinations, each selected to encapsulate both classic style, and an authentic relaxing environment in which you can unwind. Our personal close contact with each high-end stay ensures that the slow, simple lifestyle of a perfectly planned travel experience begins from the very first moments of its journey. With meticulous attention to detail and an eye for perfection, we strive to eliminate the potential stresses of travel planning for our guests. 

Sustainability is at the essence of our partnerships at High End Stay. We highly value the local communities, environments and economies within which our accommodations are situated. Not only are we dedicated to providing our guests with rich and authentic experiences, but we also strongly believe in respecting local communities, minimising the impact of tourism to ensure that their environments continue to thrive. Maintaining the incredible beauty of the landscapes, produce and people with whom we have created close ties is a central to our work at High End Stay. The vast majority of our partners are similarly invested in sustainability and the natural environment.  

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