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During these uncertain times, we advise you to book an option with free cancellation.
Always check the travel restriction of the country, before booking. Some countries can only be travelled, for certain purposes and not for leisure.

Our accommodations

All our accommodations and suppliers of products or services we offer, take safety and health seriously. 

Our portfolio consists of accommodations owned by private and independent owners, boutique hotels and villa resorts. As a result, protocols vary based on local regulations and general needs.

If you would like detailed information about safety measurements precautions and flexible booking and cancellation policies before booking, please contact us.

Flexible Cancellation Policy

Most of our accommodations offer refundable deposits or pre-payments, if the booking is canceled due to COVID-19 or they offer the possibility to change the booking to another date, in case the options to cancel is not available.

If a booked accommodation requires a change as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, such as closing or not being able to provide certain facilities, we will, where we can, notify you as soon as possible.